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Bitkoinų kaina

  • Geriausia kaina iš skirtingų keityklų
  • Jokių paslėptų mokesčių
  • Kaina atnaujinama kas 60 sekundžių
  • Momentinis konvertavimas į EUR ir USD


We have been using the services of CoinGate since September 2016. Integration of their Bitcoin checkout is seamless, and setup was very quick using the PrestaShop payment extension. In our experience, CoinGate are very customer-oriented and reliable: their support is always timely, and payouts are always quick. Most importantly, our customers are really satisfied with the quick and intuitive Bitcoin payment process.

Steve, CEO "USB Kill"

Bitcoin payments cost us nothing, compared to credit card fees and terminals! Our drivers use smartphones for navigation, and now they also use them to create Bitcoin invoices in seconds. A client simply pays by scanning a QR code, and CoinGate delivers the payment in euros to our bank account virtually free. Equally importantly, accepting Bitcoin as a payment method in our taxis has really helped us stand out from the competition.

Mindaugas Grinius, COO at “Jazz Express” Taxi services, Vilnius
Cold StorageDidžioji CoinGate turimų bitkoinų dalis yra saugoma Cold Storage.
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